Linear Bearings

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Bearings housed in carriages and tables can ride on round shafts or square profile rails. Here’s a look at the advantages of each when an application demands guided linear motion.”
Engineers faced with a linear-motion application often turn to pre-engineered linear bearings and guides. But linear guides come in two basic shapes – round and square – and designers often struggle with which type to use. Square or profile rails once cost significantly more than round because the former need extensive grinding that is inherent to the design. But recent manufacturing advances and economies of scale let square rails now compete with round in a broad range of applications.

The criteria for choosing one over the other are no different than choosing any other machine component: define system objectives, then consider factors such as load capacity, stiffness, accuracy, smoothness, size, and overall costs. The best place to start is to look at the fundamental qualities of each type of guide.

AST LBE 40 UU AJ linear bearings

Open 29536
80 mm Without Snap Ring

AST LBE 8 AJ linear bearings

1 pcs Negotiable

AST LBE 40 AJ linear bearings

4012802334685 0.3 mm
Round Open

INA KTSOS25-PP-AS linear bearings

64 mm Separable Outer Ring
Maximum of +120 C0

INA KH40-PP linear bearings

Dry 1.65, Periodic L Dry -40 to +392
31 mm Lead Free

Samick CLB14UU linear bearings

3.1493 in Max 250°
737464 1.2344 in

Samick CLB20 linear bearings

Uncoated Chrome Steel
053893275383 37431

Samick LMEKP20 linear bearings

Carbon Steel Left Hand
0.04 kg 8 mm

16 mm x 26 mm x 24,9 mm Samick LME16UUOP linear bearings

0.010 in Labyrinth
0.6250 in Guardian® Small

25 mm x 40 mm x 44,1 mm Samick LME25UU linear bearings

0.8750 in Steel
Hex Crowned

12 mm x 22 mm x 22,9 mm Samick LME12OP linear bearings

Left Hand Male Threaded
Commercial 0.5000 in

10 mm x 19 mm x 22 mm Samick LM10UUAJ linear bearings

Heavy Duty Powder Coat
Open 2.0400 in