Plain Bearings

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Plain bearings, in general, are the least expensive type of bearing. They are also compact and lightweight, and they have a high load-carrying capacity.Integral plain bearings are built into the object of use as a hole prepared in the bearing surface. Industrial integral bearings are usually made from cast iron or babbitt and a hardened steel shaft is used in the bearing.

A bushing, also known as a bush, is an independent plain bearing that is inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for rotary applications; this is the most common form of a plain bearing.Common designs include solid (sleeve and flanged), split, and clenched bushings. A sleeve, split, or clenched bushing is only a "sleeve" of material with an inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), and length. The difference between the three types is that a solid sleeved bushing is solid all the way around, a split bushing has a cut along its length, and a clenched bearing is similar to a split bushing but with a clench (or clinch) across the cut connecting the parts. A flanged bushing is a sleeve bushing with a flange at one end extending radially outward from the OD. The flange is used to positively locate the bushing when it is installed or to provide a thrust bearing surface.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
20 mm x 35 mm x 16 mm LS GE20C plain bearings SKF 0.498 5314 SKF
LS SAJK5C plain bearings 5799.99 lbf Light Series 6.5 in 013992096487
LS SQG12 plain bearings 170 mm 38 mm 30 mm 170
35 mm x 55 mm x 25 mm LS GE35C plain bearings FSNT 218 35.0 mm 355 22218
140 mm x 210 mm x 90 mm LS GE140ES plain bearings 170,000 32,000 6219Z 170,000 mm
100 mm x 160 mm x 85 mm LS GEG100ET-2RS plain bearings 160 kN 90 mm 14 0,0254
30 mm x 55 mm x 37 mm LS GEBJ30C plain bearings 19 19 mm 1,5 mm 12 mm
LS SF70ES plain bearings 34,1 FYH 7,85 kN 40 mm
LS SIBP8S plain bearings 0.76 0.3 mm 1.02 143 N/micron
19.05 mm x 31,75 mm x 28,575 mm LS GEWZ19ES-2RS plain bearings 161 mm 0.0 250 mm 744 kN
560 mm x 750 mm x 258 mm LS GEC560HT plain bearings 560 mm x 750 mm x 258 mm 45,618 mm 25,4 mm 25590/25519
160 mm x 230 mm x 115 mm LS GEH160XT-2RS plain bearings 7.95 in Two-Bolt Plummer Blo 013992025982 This product line wa