Self Aligning Ball Bearings

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It’s nice to have a little wiggle room, especially when it comes to your business’ applications. That’s why Ritbearing offers self-aligning ball bearings as one of our several, high-quality bearing options.Self-aligning ball bearings provide you some leeway in that they can still operate in applications where misalignments and other issues may exist. Read on to find out how self-aligning ball bearings may be the right fit for your business.
The design of a self-aligning ball bearing incorporates a spherical outer raceway. This allows for misalignment, shaft deflection, and housing deformations, giving you a bearing that can work in potentially problematic applications.Self-aligning ball bearings generate less friction than other styles of bearings, which allows them to run at higher speeds without building up as much heat. As a result, self-aligning ball bearings are more suitable for low- to medium-sized loads.