Wheel Bearings

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If a wheel bearing becomes worn out or damaged, it can affect the wheel's ability to rotate smoothly, independently and securely. This can lead to unsafe driving conditions and is something that should be addressed immediately. Some wheel bearings are equipped with ABS or speed sensors. If a bearing is worn or damaged, the ABS system may not work properly, also affecting the safety of a vehicle. A worn wheel bearing can disturb the alignment of the vehicle creating additional issues with tires and other suspension parts over time.

When the seal on a wheel bearing is compromised, the noise you may be hearing becomes louder over time. Seals are critical components for the longevity of a bearing. If air, dust, salt, sand, etc get inside, they can contaminate the lubricants and other components. Once this occurs, it can break down the lubricants and other components causing friction. If a bearing gets really hot, cages and seals could be deformed and lead to bearing lock-up. This may feel like the parking brake has been applied and you may notice resistance when you accelerate. You'll want to have this checked out immediately.


Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
SNR R158.29 wheel bearings Yes 5250 rpm No Coating Concentric Clamp Col
SNR R140.52 wheel bearings 24 mm 0.021 kg 20 mm 20 mm
SNR R159.40 wheel bearings 4.67 0.083 in 1600 rpm 3.50 in
FAG 713619300 wheel bearings 50.8 mm 155.575 mm 3.95 kg 1.78 kN
FAG 713617280 wheel bearings EPR 21 78.3 kN SNW 3038x6.13/16 203.4 N·m
SNR R153.18 wheel bearings 2.7559 in 104000 lbf Imperial 0.09 in
SNR R179.03 wheel bearings 5.71 in 0.31 in 0.0020 in Cartridge
SNR R153.22 wheel bearings 1:12 22228K 222K S-28 x 5
FAG 713667160 wheel bearings 2.953 in 7.0 in LSE307BXHG 4.5 in
Toyana CX692 wheel bearings 354-B 0.0732 3.3465 in Imperial
Toyana CX697 wheel bearings 2.6643 in 0.2 in 255.2 0.25 in
SKF VKBA 3431 wheel bearings 0883450102575 1800 rpm 1.24 in 5.13 in